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Ramakkalmedu-- Location and Places of Interest

Ramakkalmedu-is approximately 45kilometres from Tekkady and 77 kilometers from Munnar. The nearest airport is Kochi (Cochin) international airport and all major air lines have services to this air port, the distance is about 190 kilometers. The nearest Railway station is Kottayam and is just about 140 kilometers away. The famous Kumarakam tourist spot is just 157 kilometers and the beautiful back water cruise and the beaches of Alleppuzha is about 185 kilometrs.

Ramakkal gives a very large view of about seven small townships and adjoining fields surrounded by mountains in Tamil Nadu.

The Sun rises on the eastern hills and sets at the western mountains and the beauty of sunrise and sunset through the mountains surrounded by green forest is an unique view that can be experienced only at Ramakkalmedu.

At night the view of the townships gives you a feeling that there is festival of lights in the forest. The place is a safe haven for a number of birds that will put you asleep in the night with their beautiful songs and their chirping songs will wake you up in the morning to start a beautiful day at Ramakkalmedu.


The landscape, mountains and ravines have so much beauty and greenery that sooths your eyes. The panoramic view from the Ramakkal mount or the Kuravan mount must be felt to experience this beautiful hill station.


Itís still beholds the virginity of the mountains and forest as there is not much encroachments by the humans other than the few settlers who came just after the formation of the State.


Weather, except in monsoon ( June,July & August) and winter (November,  December & January) itís very pleasant with bright sunshine. Being high altitude and with gusting winds it is like heaven.. During Monsoon, it is mostly raining with strong winds and evenings are colder. Trecking becomes more adventurous and rain gives the forest and mountain more colour and beauty, itís really marvelous to see the rain (probably to have a rain dance) on the mountains of Ramakkalmedu. From November to February itís like a paradise with beautiful sunshine.


The altitude of Ramakkal is about 3560 feet from the sea level and about 1500 feet from the plain of land adjoining the mountains in Tamil Nadu.


Presently (July 2008) no hotels in Ramakkalmedu-and One luxury resort is under construction in the foothills (Expected to open by Sept-2009). District Tourism Promotion council have some facilities on top of the mountain but yet to open for the public. You may stay in Tekkady or Munnar to Visit this beautiful hill station.


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