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Jadayu, one of the two powerful eagles mentioned in Ramayana, have tried to stop Ravan's flight to Lanka in the air space of Ramakkal when he abducted Sita and flying towrads Lanka. Ravan chopped off a wing of Jadayu with his sword and continued his passage. However, Jadayu being a devotee of Lord Ram persued Ravan's pushpak with all his energy and the only wing. Furious with Jadayu's courage against him, Ravan had nomercy and chopped off Jadayu's other wing too.


Jadayu fell on the Kuravan mount and was bleeding until Lord  Ram arrived on the scene. After explaining the route of Ravan and seeking apology from his Lord for not being able to secure the release of Sita Devi, Jadayu wasin severe agony and tears.


The Lord Ram was though not in a mental state to be happy, he was very happy with Jadayu's bravery and dedication towards him and granted heavenly ascension to Jadayu at this point.

Thousands of pilgrims visits this place to pay their homage to one of the brave heroes of Ramayana. There is a small temple built on the Kuravan mount for  Jadayu.

Most  of the pilgrims take a diversion to Ramakkal from Sabarimala after visiting Lord Ayyappa (Sabarimala Lord Ayyappa Temple is the most famous hindu temple in Kerala and attracts pilgrims from all over the world. The number of pilgrims and devotees visiting this temple is only 2nd to Tirupathi temple). The travelling timebetween Sabarimala & Ramakkal is just under 2 hours.





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